The parliamentary representative of the New Left called SYRIZA a “porridge” party on Tuesday. Euclid Tsakalotos.

“You can’t be a mush. The other person cannot not know what you are,” he emphasized to OPEN. Criticizing SYRIZA, he said:There is a vent, I don’t even see it as a split. I see after his election Stefanos Kasselakis a party that is falling apart, I don’t even use the word split. It is not like the previous splits (…). Obviously, Mr. Kasselakis is not the only one to blame for this, to be clear. Apparently, something went very wrong between ’19 and ’23. We have all the responsibility. And Alexis bears a large part of that responsibility. We will do our self-criticism, but we are not willing to be generals fighting the battles of the previous war. We want an agenda for the battles ahead of us against Mr. Mitsotakis, against New Democracy.”

SYRIZA in the past, according to him, “wanted to be well-liked by everyone and people didn’t like it. People understand that any government has priorities, it has things it can’t do right away. If you want to be liked a lot, in the end you will not be liked by anyone. The mistake was that we wanted to be liked.”

“We are positioned with the popular world but not to make promises that we cannot keep (…). We want to convince the world that centrist solutions don’t work (…)”, write down.

He referred to the presentation of the new Parliamentary Group, saying of the New Left that there must be a new force that takes the great disputes of the time very seriously.

“The world has changed, how many years after 2009 do we have, the problems continue (…). This needs answers. I think the world is tired of the banter, of the political cockfights, they want people who work,” said Mr. Tsakalotos.

Regarding Alexis Tsipras’s statement that “multiple splits favor the strengthening of conservative parties and the ND”, he said: “This would be true if we believed that SYRIZA with the new leadership offers the people the solutions they need. That he would make an opposition that would be programmatic and he would really try to see what the big cuts are and that doesn’t happen.”

“I don’t think we favor it. I have always been in favor of alliances. But you have to be something, say something, know what you want and then you will make the compromise (…). It is possible that after discussions with PASOK, with SYRIZA itself, we can find compromises. But you have to start from a solid party that knows what it wants,” he added.

When asked if it would be possible to find a field of cooperation with PASOK, he characteristically said “I have been supporting red, red, green for years. I hope on many issues (to cooperate)”.