An emergency meeting on fan violence under Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to take place on Saturday in Maximos after the 31-year-old policeman was seriously injured by a naval flare fired by hooligans on Thursday on the sidelines of a volleyball match in Rentis.

According to information, on Saturday morning, the co-competent Ministers of Citizen Protection Yiannis Economou, Justice Giorgos Floridis as well as the Deputy Minister of Sports Yiannis Vroutsis, will meet with K. Mitsotakis in order to discuss the next steps of the State.

Speaking earlier to political editors, government spokesman Pavlos Marinakis explained that the perpetrators of all these horrible crimes have nothing to do with sports and the thousands of fans who want to go to the stadium.

“They are common criminals. An abscess that has been infecting sports for years”, said Mr. Marinakis characteristically during the briefing

In this context, Mr. Marinakis clarified that “the government has no illusions that the problem will be solved by magic. With the change of the Criminal Code and our stance on the implementation of the law, we will fight this battle with every institutional weapon until the end.”

“We have not stopped at words. The many deeds that have been done must be done more. It is a given that crime runs at a speed and we must run faster” he noted.

Mr. Marinakis reminded that “the changes of the Criminal Code will largely solve the situation. All these criminals have no color or group, they are criminals, and we must all be against them, they commit heinous crimes up to homicides but they also commit misdemeanors that have a great impact on public property. We will not have again what we experienced in previous years that they enter with a self-imposed process, are convicted and get out. These end with the upcoming changes to the Criminal Code.”

Justice, Pavlos Marinakis pointed out, must be delivered more quickly and without asterisks and loopholes so that someone is not condemned and with a series of exits to stay outside and return to the stadiums.