A question on “Femicide in Salamis: The government in the role of spectator for a pre-announced crime”, submitted to the Ministers of Citizen Protection and Justice, 24 MPs of SYRIZA-PS at the initiative of Elena Akrita. The question highlights “the responsibilities of the government and state authorities for a crime that could have been avoided.”

As stated by members of the official opposition, “the 43-year-old woman and mother had, a few days before, reported her killer to the Salamina Police Department for domestic violence, abuse and embezzlement. Although the unfortunate woman followed all the instructions of the police to protect herself, nothing prevented her murder just a few 24 hours later».

They point out “the recent response of the Ministry of Citizen Protection to the Hellenic Parliament again regarding the issue of femicide, where it is stated that “victims of domestic violence are provided with information about the psychosocial support structures” and that if the victim so wishes, “the police personnel undertake to communicate with said structures».

They also emphasize that “within the framework of the structures of the National Center for Social Solidarity, an Emergency Hospital operates, where immediate and safe shelter and protection can be provided to the victim in order to prevent another incident at his expense».

The Minister of Citizen Protection is invited by the inquiring MPs “to answer for the incomplete management of the complaint by the local police, in particular regarding the absence of care to transfer the victim to the safe environment of a hospitality hostel in an area unknown and inaccessible to the perpetrator. Especially when the perpetrator was evading arrest“, while being asked “for the obvious gaps in the general training of police officers regarding the management of gender-based violence, as well as for the lack of reinforcement and upgrading of Domestic Violence Offices, especially after the rapid increase in related cases, as well as femicides, in recent years».

Finally, the Minister of Justice is called “to answer for the denial of legal recognition of the term femicide, an increasingly frequent crime with specific gender characteristics».