“We are here today, in Nea Ionia, all united in a great popular alliance against the monopolies and their exploitative system that make life unlivable for the Greek people, for the popular strata”, said the head of the Central Committee of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoubas , today, Saturday December 9, in the mobilization of unions and mass organizations of Nea Ionia against punctuality and other acute popular problems.

“We are fighting in an organized manner against precision, for wage increases, for pension increases, for a tax-free limit of 12,000 euros, to stop this tax evasion, to abolish the VAT on consumer goods, to abolish the single consumption tax on fuel, to abolish the ENFIA, that the auctions stop here and now and of course that there be brave state funding from the state budget in the field of health, welfare, education for our children and a series of other demands of the labor-people’s movement that are also put forward by its bodies Nea Ionia. We are shouting again either their profits or our lives”, concluded Mr. Koutsoubas.