“The Prime Minister’s post clearly describes the framework that has been set. It is clear, the context is very clear and we will see the details tomorrow”, Minister of Justice Giorgos Floridis said to SKAI and on the show “Dekatians” with Yiannis Pittaras and Giorgos Grigoriadis.

“It is easy to see that this is not an ordinary treatment or an attempt to treat it in the specific ways”, clarified Mr. Floridis.

“What the Prime Minister is determined to do is to continue with a framework for dealing with these phenomena in a relentless way, in a way that is not going to leave room for anyone. A merciless treatment of this phenomenon will be initiated and completed. The reference of the Prime Minister to those who, no matter how high they are, instigate these phenomena, says a lot. We all know very well what is happening. The Prime Minister’s statement shows that no one will be left behind. No one is going to be put under protection. A country cannot be overrun by groups that consider themselves to be living in a regime of impunity,” added the Minister of Justice.

Also, Mr. Floridis emphasized that “society should not feel unprotected”.