A Turkish admiral said that “Greece cornered us, defeated us in bra de fer”.

“We gave in. Where is the blue homeland? We surrendered to Greece,” he added, as reported by Manolis Kostidis from Istanbul.

Admiral E. Turker Erturk commented: “Don’t know how we surrendered. The economy went bankrupt. The country was isolated. We have to make some moves. We really gave up. If we talk about bras de fer, Greece of 10 million inhabitants beat us in bras de fer. Where is the Blue Homeland?

This government had said “let’s review the Treaty of Lausanne”. This, you know, is a revisionist policy. Thus, the other side says that it is under threat, especially for the islands that are opposite the coasts, it says that there is a threat from Turkey. That’s why I militarized the islands’.. Who gave rise to this theory? These stupid statements of this government. Now can we back off? I believe not. The government buckled down and surrendered to Greece. The image is of ‘good neighborliness’ etc., but the side that retreated is Turkey”.

THE Cumhuryet newspaper wrote that “with the declaration of Athens, Greece won”, while Turkish analysts commented: “this means that we abandoned the blue homeland”.

The admiral ea Cem Gourdeniz, designer of the Blue Homeland, commented: “This declaration is a diplomatic victory for Greece, we left the Blue Homeland. Greece is targeting Turkey’s sovereign rights with its long-standing approach to the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean. Two countries that have not resolved their sovereignty issues cannot enter into an agreement.”

Meanwhile, Hurriyet wrote that a Biden-Erdogan phone call is imminent in the coming days on Gaza and the issue of F-16s and Sweden, which is estimated to be crucial for the developments of the next few days.