ND: Polaki’s announcements for Justice are a threat to the Republic


New Democracy is harshly criticizing Pavlos Polakis for what he is heard saying in a video from an online discussion on “Corruption, Transparency, Justice”.

“In today’s show, Pavlos Polakis promised nationalizations of everything – and those, that is, those that the SYRIZA government assigned to the Superfund. This is the Soviet economic model of Mr. Polakis and most of them in SYRIZA. “But he did not stay there, announcing a ‘second school of judges’, or which will obviously function as the official academy of the criminal circuit that the official opposition openly dreams of,” the Piraeus announcement reads.

Pavlos Polakis can be heard saying in the video that the second SYRIZA government will include the nationalization of at least one bank, PPC-HEDNO and interventions in the Judiciary with the voluntary departure of judges.

“Nothing will change in this country unless one of the four banks comes under public control. At least one of the four banks “, Mr. Polakis can be heard saying.

“If his financial analyzes are laughable compared to the policy pursued by Alexis Tsipras as Prime Minister, the announcements of institutional deviations in the Judiciary are a clear threat to the Republic.

In the period 2015-2019, they did attempt to control the joints of power, with paradoxical moves, set up television contests and undermining the Independent Authorities. Fortunately, Greece has strong democratic institutions and the rule of law works. “And the more they dream of returning to the same methods, the more the citizens will turn their backs on them”, concludes the announcement of ND.

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