“Inflation, precision and the continuous decline in the standard of living of citizens, especially in middle and low incomes, is not solely due to international conditions. Exactness in the basic necessities of life is not exclusively an imported phenomenon but constitutes to a very significant extent an inflation of profits, promiscuity and greed,” states the PASOK-Movement for Change with announcement of the Development and Investment Sector.

As Harilaou Trikoupi points out, the Greek family is forced to pay up to three times the prices for baby milk compared to families in other countries with three times the wages, while the profits of many large food companies increased up to over 100%.

According to PASOK-KINAL, the effective treatment of profiteering is not achieved either by visits to super markets or by inexpensive communication, but “requires above all political determination, which should have been demonstrated in a practical way from the first period of explosion of these phenomena ».

“Free market does not mean unscrupulous market”, he adds and concludes: “The market operates according to the rules imposed by the state, which also controls their implementation. The essential thing is that he has the will and determination to do it. The citizens of our country pay for the government’s inadequacy in the face of profiteering and the dishonesty of the markets every day. The price is an ever-lower standard of living.”