Four measures to deal with punctuality were announced by the Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekas, specifying the measures announced a while ago by the Prime Minister.

The four measures:

  1. We reduce supplies to supermarkets and ensure lower prices for the consumer: We reduce supplier discounts by 30% and pass the benefit on to the consumer – Applies to detergents, household cleaners, shower gels, shampoos and baby nappies
  2. We prevent unjustified mark-ups: We do not allow suppliers who increase prices on products to do promotions for 3 months on all products in supermarkets. Promotions are allowed for suppliers who keep prices fixed
  3. Fair prices from field to shelf: We require suppliers to sell products to retailers at fair prices. It concerns fresh fruits, vegetables and meats
  4. Ceiling on the gross profit margin on baby milk: The ceiling is defined as the sum of the company’s operating costs for the specific product and profit at 7%.

Watch the specialization of measures against punctuality by the Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekas.