At the end of January, e-EFKA completes the pilot phase of its innovative action concerning potential retirees.

Already, the institution, through the telephone center 1555, has undertaken and is implementing the initiative for telephone information and guidance of its insured persons with mature pension rights in relation to the process of submitting their pension application.

The specific action was designed, with the aim of personalized and personalized support at least six months before the foundation of the pension right, targeting in the first phase a specific category of insured persons, in order to gradually consolidate it as a service provided to the insured persons of the institution.

As the agency reports, in this context, the launch of the “aggressive” marketing of the e-EFKA has been done with 1,000 potential pensioners from the public sector, as these are cases with less complicated procedures in terms of establishing retirement rules.

The effort will then focus on the insured coming from the private sector, so that they too can be informed in time about their impending retirement.

Specifically, e-EFKA approaches, on its own initiative, the citizen, to facilitate him, by contacting him by phone. Said support is provided on the basis of the data that the institution keeps in its records for the exercise of its duties and does not derive any data from other institutions.

Essentially, in this way, all prospective pensioners who meet the age limit, which is required, are activated. This practically means that they will have the possibility to collect all the necessary supporting documents in advance (e.g. a certificate of identity), so that there are no phenomena where retirement files are found to remain pending for a considerable period of time, in the absence of some supporting documents.

In particular, for the cases of potential retirees with consecutive insurance in more than one insurance fund during their working life, the preventive information will work beneficially, to reduce the waiting time to a minimum, as all the necessary preliminary work will have been done.

e-EFKA already has at its disposal the information concerning the insurance life of each insured person and their retirement.

Therefore, he will use the data he already has in his possession, to inform his potential pensioners about the time of foundation of their pension right, about the way to submit the application and about the supporting documents, which are required.

The preventive information provides that detailed instructions and clear directions will be provided by telephone, so that the applications are submitted with the prescribed supporting documents and all relevant questions are answered, such as, for example, the competent branch, any acquisition rights, etc.

The instructions are provided to insured persons who, according to the data kept by e-EFKA, are going to submit a retirement application in 2024.

Insured persons, under no circumstances, will be asked to provide e-EFKA with specific data or information related to bank accounts.

Domna Michailidou at APE-MBE: We implement social policy in practice

Speaking to APE-MBE, the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Domna Michailidou, states that, thanks to the new e-EFKA service, for the first time, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security goes to the citizen and not the citizen to the ministry.

As he notes, “now, the insured person can be informed by phone by the institution, six months before submitting a retirement application, about the possibility of his retirement and the necessary supporting documents that he must provide. From now on, through the new service, which has already been tested on thousands of our fellow citizens, we seek on the one hand to avoid any inconvenience to the insured and on the other hand to issue his pension faster”.

“Our goal is to continuously facilitate the daily life of Greeks and we achieve this through e-EFKA. To implement social policy in practice. We respond to the needs of the citizens, providing them with the most modern services, with ease, speed and reliability”, underlines Mrs. Michailidou.