“The ministerial decision on the maternity allowance will come out in a few weeks. The ministerial decision includes all the details. They will receive retroactively, as many women who are in this category and have given birth or adopted, since the end of September. There should be no worries”, the Deputy Minister of Labor said to SKAI and the program “Kalimera” with Giorgos Autias Vassilis Spanakis.

Regarding the pensioners who receive a disability pension and work, Mr. Spanakis pointed out that “they will receive the disability pension and when they work they will not have a 10% deduction, their income will be clean”, pointing out that “a basic question will also be answered : What happens in the event that some have stopped their disability pension and are working”.

Regarding the marriage of same-sex couples and the position of the church, the Deputy Minister of Labor emphasized that “the position of the church is of particular importance. Far be it from the logic that we do not take into account the position of the church. When, throughout Europe, there are specific legal provisions, Greece cannot fail to have within its laws the recognition of specific minority rights. In this matter, Greece must take a step forward and there is no question of respecting or disrespecting some opinions.”