The representative of the National Security Council of the White House sent a message to Turkey, John Kirbywho when asked about the sale of F-35 fighters to Ankara, commented that it is a problem that Ankara has bought S-400s from Russia.

“There are no changes in our position regarding the F-35 program for Turkey. This is incompatible with the use of S-300 and S-400 missiles,” he told reporters at a briefing.

As Kirby noted, discussions between the two countries continue on this issue, but the United States is ready to return to resuming Turkey’s participation in the fifth-generation fighter procurement program after Ankara “can resolve Washington’s concerns.” .

International agencies: Putin will travel to Turkey on February 12

As Manolis Kostidis broadcasts from Istanbul, on the agenda of the discussion are “the nuclear power station Akugiou and the S-400”.

Erdogan will then visit Egypt on February 14 or 15 to meet with Sisi, with bilateral relations and maritime zones on the table.

Turkish analysts: “The US may set conditions to ban overflights to Aegean islands”

“In Ankara, there are analyzes that fear that the US will impose restrictions on F-16s in relation to Greece and Cyprus”

Sultan Arinir, presenter of HABER GLOBAL, said: “Is it really possible to set a condition for the F-16s in relation to the Greek islands. In other words, should a condition be set so that they do not fly over the Greek islands? And if they don’t have such conditions now, maybe they will be set in the next period? Do you also expect such a step from the USA?”

Metehan Demir, a journalist, replied: “Let me tell you the suspicions that exist in Ankara. That’s why I tell you that Kathimerini probably didn’t write everything. In Turkey’s risk analysis for the USA, there are the following suspicions. First, how will they say ‘you can’t use them in Syria. Ankara suspects that this may be the case. Secondly, ‘you can’t use them on the Aegean islands and the issues of disputes with Greece’. Thirdly ‘you cannot use them in the Southern Mediterranean in Cyprus’. There are fears that they can come on the table. In the risk analyzes being prepared, Turkey expects these issues to be raised. Can they do it? They can. Of course, they will not officially confirm it. But is there such a risk? Yes there is”.

Turkish analysts: “Until the F16s land in Turkey, the US can put up obstacles”

“The first F-16s will probably come in 2019, until then the US can set conditions”

Ozai Sendir, director of MILLIYET: “I asked our sources in Ankara, they told me that there is no issue with terms…but! Because I don’t trust the US at all during production, then Congress can set conditions. Think how delivery of the F-16s appears to take place in 2029, how can I trust the US? Until those planes land in Turkey, I am afraid that any problem may arise from the USA”.