“Let them decide there in SYRIZA which witnesses they ultimately want and which ones they don’t want in the Parliament’s investigation committee on Tempi” say circles of the majority in the committee.

As they note, “assisted by the rest of the opposition parties, the SYRIZA MPs demanded that the CEO of OSE be summoned, accusing the majority of deliberately refusing to bring him for examination. In the end, Mr. Terezakis testified but was accused by Mr. Kokkalis of SYRIZA that with his testimony … he is covering up the government.

That is, when the testimony of a witness does not fit their own narrative, it is automatically turned into a “swamp” by the government. Small and negligible detail the fact that they themselves insisted on being called and the majority was cautious. It is well known that the session begins each day with the customary argument over the list of witnesses. Does anyone else have intentions and not the majority in the Parliament?” ask the circles of the majority in the examination committee for Tempi.