By Antonis Anzoletou

If February is a very critical month for SYRIZA, March will be the barometer for the European elections. In Koumoundourou they have many obstacles to overcome in order to reach the crucial wave of polls next month. It is not only the event that will take place next Tuesday with Dionysis Tebonera, Manolis Christodoulakis and Efi Ahtsioglou.

“Are there any privileged interlocutors for the future of progressive parties?”. This is the common ground and the question that condenses the reactions caused to Koumoundourou and Charilaou Trikoupi, as the leaderships had not been informed about the event. The produced result of the initiative is that forces have already been released in the two parties that give a mark for the next day of the European elections.

After the reactions caused by the event in which the three executives of yesterday’s meeting between Alexis Tsipras and Dionysis Tebonera caused a sensation. Associates of the former prime minister, however, commented that the appointment was planned, requested by Mr. Tebonera and took place in the context of requests he receives daily for meetings with MPs and party officials.

The imprint that the event will leave is expected to be important as well as the stance of SYRIZA on two crucial bills in the coming days. For same-sex couples (voted on February 15) where it is possible to record two differences from the “yes” line, but also for non-state universities. Yesterday the presidium of the parliamentary group met and it was the first after the episode between Stefanos Kasselakis and Pavlos Polakis. None of the two “protagonists” participated. It is known for the president that he does not always attend the specific body, which often deals with procedural issues, while the Chanio MP had informed that he had medical obligations.

All this climate in Koumoundourou will be condensed in the Conference that will take place on February 23-25 ​​in the presence of Alexis Tsipras, as it became known yesterday by his associates. Will the former prime minister open his papers about what has been happening in the party lately? No one can know it yet. It is clear that his every word will count in the top party process. The new balances will be formed and it will be seen if Stefanos Kasselakis is accepted by the base or if there is some current or trend that challenges him.

With these data, next month there will be a crystallized picture of where SYRIZA is going according to the polls. The window of time is already narrowing until the European elections. February is also the month when new faces are expected to emerge in Koumoundourou, as Stefanos Kasselakis has already started to present the composition of the think tanks.