Yesterday’s resolution of the European Parliament on the degradation of the rule of law in Greece is a clear message from the European institutions to the government of Mr. Mitsotakis, which has dealt blows to institutions, human rights and the separation of powers, said the president of PASOK Nikos Androulakis.

– The wiretapping scandal, where the leaders of the Armed Forces and political figures were monitored, is not a ghost.

– The cover-up of the wiretapping scandal is not a ghost, when the protagonists of this morbid case today are pretending to be sports actors, but also the representatives of the Prime Minister.

– The tragedy of Tempe, which claimed the lives of 57 of our fellow human beings, and the attempt to cover it up, is not a ghost. We live it every day at the examination board.

– The attacks on the heads of the Independent Authorities* are not a phantom, something unprecedented in the annals of our country.

“I want to say to the executives of the New Democracy – because distortion and propaganda have become their second nature – that this resolution of the European Parliament was not proposed by either the Left or the Center Left. It is not a political game. It is a horizontal condemnation. The resolution was proposed by the political group of the Liberals, where Emmanuel Macron’s party is the ruling party. It was voted for by the Center Left, the Left, the Greens, the Liberals and also by members of the People’s Party, in which New Democracy participates,” added Mr. Androulakis .

“So, instead of wondering and looking for ghosts, let them see who voted against it from Greece together with the MPs of New Democracy. The Far Right, representatives of Golden Dawn and Mr. Velopoulos. We, for our part, – democratic faction-, we have a duty: to put an end to the descent together with the Greek people. Because it is shameful, for the first time since 1981 and the country’s accession to the European Union, that a government exposes our homeland in this way ” concluded.