“It is unthinkable and politically stupid to question the leadership of Kasselakis,” said Nikos Pappas, MP of SYRIZA, on Wednesday morning on SKAI and the program SIMERA, regarding President Stefanos Kasselakis on the occasion of yesterday’s statement by Giorgos Tsipras.

“The party with this unity will try to go to the European elections,” he added

“My belief and the mood of Mr. Kasselakis is that if he is challenged, he will again ask for the trust of the base”

Regarding the questionnaire and the turmoil caused within the party, he said “A lot of dust was raised for a questionnaire, it continues to exist, members continue to vote normally, the reason that all this turmoil started was explained to the PG members. The president was questioned about his choices, however explanations were given between them and the PG issued a statement that there is no questioning of the president. The third issue is that the General Assembly met without taking into account the president’s schedule – as it should have – so it was forced to meet a second day in order for the president to be present and after what he wrote in the divorce letter was explained, then he withdrew it” .

Asked if there will be a bad result for SYRIZA in the European elections and if the issue of president will be raised, he clarified: “The president has received a long-term mandate, it will be decided in 2027 in the national elections, if anyone wants to challenge him, the president will ask for rechristening of his mandate from the base of the party”.

Regarding the issue of the return of Alexis Tsipras he said: “I do not consider this scenario realistic”