For the explosive climate that prevails within SYRIZA and for the decisions of last night’s PG meeting after the president was directly challenged by executives, was asked to comment Thanassis Theocharopoulosspeaking on the show Today on SKAI.

The member of the political secretariat of the party stated that two issues were raised yesterday, the first one concerning the restoration of the proper functioning of SYRIZA and the second the letter and the questionnaire sent to the members by the president Stefanos Kasselakis.

As he himself said, it was emphasized, in the presence of the president, that the PG is the political center which makes the decisions and cannot be surprised.

Asked to comment on Kasselakis’ statement that he will remain president regardless of the result, Mr. Theocharopoulos said that “for the national elections, the world should see us as the rival political awe of the ND”.

“We are not doing well in the measurements and we have to improve that,” he said and added “there is no insecurity and there is no question of the resignation of the president.”

Mr. Theocharopoulos, asked if there is a question of resignation, said “we have a recently elected president, in the difficult moments of the parties it is the observance of the statute”.

Referring to the role of Alexis Tsipras, he argued that he is an executive who raised the party to 33%, while when the percentages fell, he left in order to have “a new day in the party. He can intervene whenever he decides,” he concluded.