“Obviously the biggest problem facing the household is punctuality and that’s why it’s a commitment from the government and the Ministry of Development that we won’t stop until we see inflation and the prices of products on the shelves start to come down, inflation to de-escalate and in this way to support Greek households”, he told SKAI and the show “Morning” with Giorgos Autias, the Minister of Development Kostas Skrekas.

“We have taken a series of measures, which began to be implemented yesterday, March 1st. A range of products, almost 4000 products in supermarkets, after a drastic measure we voted in Parliament, the prices have started to decrease. We will see how much the reduction will be in the coming days. From the first day, yesterday, when we carried out autopsies, we saw that we have a de-escalation of prices, reductions in product prices. We have discounts that can reach 15% or even 20%. We have stabilization and price reduction,” he added.

Mr. Skrekas also noted that “we asked the suppliers to reduce the list price and now all offers should be calculated at the new reduced prices. Thus, the consumer will be able to buy the offer even cheaper than before the measures were applied”, stressing: “We will not stop our effort to support households against inflation until we see tangible results”.

“We do not interfere with the offers and discounts that the supplier makes to the consumer. We wanted the prices of the products on the shelves to be reduced and the offers to be calculated on the basis of the new prices”, explained the Minister of Development.