The case of the gang in Tempi is in the hands of the Justice, which will do its job, Minister of State Makis Voridis told SKAI and the show Today. Mr. Voridis commented on the statements of Alexis Tsipras and the veteran basketball player Nikos Pappas.

“Who’s covering up?”

“Who is doing a cover-up? The Justice; Because the case of tying is first and foremost in the hands of Justice. Justice will do its job. There is only one expert in the case: the one appointed by the court. All others are technical advisors. Mr. Triandopoulos denies that he gave an order for a bottling. He called for witness statements to be presented, from the first hours at the scene. Fire officials. But the court’s expert also does not support this theory, they say other things. During these hours the priority was the identification of the bodies. Says the man “I follow protocol, I have to bring in heavy machinery to be able to do the job I have to do, and the whole process needs (soil) stabilization.” What is the government to cover up, that he had dangerous cargo from the other side on the commercial train. Wasn’t this material on the one hand that wasn’t loaded? But the expert says that “I got his material”.

“The Examiner received at least one extension, maybe two. Dozens of witnesses were examined,” he said.

“The exasperated parent is rightly looking for political attribution, rightly so… but that has been taken. He was taken over from the first moment with the resignation of Karamanlis. Now let’s go to the criminal charge… the criminal charge is that the political person, the minister, the head of this ministry, has criminal responsibility, because possibly knowing or not knowing, knowing or not knowing, these are now to be investigated, for the extension or even the abnormal development of a contract, has criminal responsibility why? for at a point in time, which he obviously did not know and could not foresee and could not think of, this horrible accident has occurred. Criminal liability, for obstructing traffic for negligent homicide.

Makis Voridis reminded that the law on the responsibility of ministers was changed during the ND government and provides for the non-elimination of the penalty.

For Nikos Pappa

Commenting on the statements of the former basketball player Nikos Pappas about Tempi, he stated that the Greek people are clear that they do not want to return to that era of toxicity. “It is the rhetoric of Kassidiari, the rhetoric of the square, the gallows. We have heard them… They have been condemned, and we are in a completely different phase and the effort of all of us is to put the country back on its feet” he noted, among other things.

“What does failure mean?”

Self-criticism is always positive, but what is self-criticism recommended for, he still wondered about Mr. Tsipras’s statements at the Kathimerini conference.

“What does “fail” mean when you blame people you can’t fail. You didn’t miss it. Especially when we are talking about former prime ministers, these cases require serious handling with an evaluation of the evidence you have about political figures, to decide whether to initiate the process or not.”

“The issue of television licenses has been decided 13-0, we have a conviction for this issue. Making his own account, Mr. Tsipras understands that the way in which he really tried to instrumentalize justice, he had invested a lot in the “Polakeion doctrine” that we will put them all in prison because they are all corrupt, he consistently served this the central theory of SYRIZA, this collapsed, this went to 17% and as an opposition, it continued the same rhetoric”, the Minister of State emphasized.

Asked what he will do. Tsipras in the future, he replied “in my estimation not much. If I could ask Tsipras, I would ask him what the failure consists of, did he not succeed? We failed to put them in jail, is that where it went wrong?’