A threatening message from strangers claiming to be members of the “Golden Dawn Youth” was found taped to the wall outside his political office by the ND Member of Parliament A’ Thessaloniki Stratos Simopoulos for voting in favor of the same-sex civil marriage equality bill.

Speaking of “ghosts” of the past, the MP calls on the Church of Greece and the parties that opposed the bill to condemn the action.

The announcement of the ND deputy

“On the occasion of the law on same-sex couples, the “ghosts” of the past reappear

The “ghosts” of the past attempt to return. The youth of the criminal organization “Golden Dawn” pasted a letter on the front door of my office this morning, on the occasion of my positive vote on the bill for same-sex couples.

Among other things, about excommunication, etc., it also includes threats against my appearance at religious and political events.

He did it, in fact, today when the Permanent Holy Synod is meeting to determine the position of the Church on this specific issue.

I take it for granted that the Church of Greece will express its opposition to this action and any other similar ones and will protect those MPs who spoke in favor of the bill.

As I take it for granted that the parties that opposed the bill will condemn it and above all they will stop, with the extreme rhetoric of their executives, throwing water to the mill of these “ghosts”.

As far as I am concerned, I declare that I have always been a politician based on my belief in what is right or wrong.

Finally, faith is not a quality. Faith is part of the identity of the faithful person and cannot be removed, negated or annulled by outside interventions. Faith is about the believer’s relationship with his conscience. All the rest are power plays. Who is in charge, who has the upper hand. But these domineering attitudes have nothing to do with the Christian, Orthodox faith.”