By Yannis Anifantis

In fierce confrontation between Thanos Plevris – ND and Pavlos Polakis the meeting of the Institutions and Transparency Committee of the Parliament developed, for the hearing of the proposed Mr. Panagiotis Athanasiou for the position of Deputy Head of the Body of Inspection and Control of Detention Centers, with the Chanioti MP insisting that the Novartis case was a hoaxeven though former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras described the handling of the case last Saturday as unfortunate.

“The Novartis scandal exists. Silence Side! Because they used political and official factors in Greece to set prices that spread in Greece and all over the world. This was the Novartis scandal here was a scam. And it’s filing, not acquittal”, argued the SYRIZA MP. His reports on the “funding” of political figures provoked the reaction of ND MPs and intense dialogue with Thanos Pleuris:

Thanos Pleuris – ND: “Mr. We have nothing to say about the Ministry. Health?”

Pavlos Polakis – SYRIZA: “You are the boatman of the Acheron of the post-revolutionary health ministers. Silence and modesty”

Thanos Pleuris – ND: “The anti-vaccinator Mr. Polakis”

Pavlos Polakis – SYRIZA: “You received 13 thousand dead, you handed over 35 thousand. Silence then! Murmur!

Thanos Pleuris – ND: “If we didn’t have vaccines we would have 100 thousand dead”

Pavlos Polakis – SYRIZA: “Silence! When I’m in front, silence!”

Thanos Pleuris – ND: “Tsipras has emptied you!”

Pavlos Polakis – SYRIZA: “Tell Tsipras not me, think of the dead you left behind and don’t talk to us. Head down Side!”

Watch the meeting live: