Space is the next big arena of innovation and development and can deliver strong economic and developmental results in the medium term. The domestic ecosystem, in recent years, has quietly demonstrated strong growth dynamics, intense extroversion, business and industrial innovation,” said Deputy Minister of Development Anna Mani-Papadimitriou speaking at the recent Greek Space Tech Forum 2024, the conference for the Greek space ecosystem.

During her speech, Mrs. Mani noted that the 4th Industrial Revolution offers unique opportunities for growth and innovation and referred to the government’s investments for the development of space technologies through the implementation of specialized programs.

As the deputy minister pointed out, the Greek space ecosystem is one of the dynamic branches of the Greek economy and added that the national program for the construction of small satellites, with a budget of 60 million euros, has been included in the Recovery Fund and is part of the Bible of Digital Transformation.

“The most important feature of this program is that the satellites will be made in Greece, thus creating great opportunities for the domestic industry. These efforts are part of the wider framework of the National Strategy for Industry, which seeks to strengthen the Greek economy through innovation and technological development. The government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis is unwaveringly committed to supporting innovation. Investment in research and practical support of businesses are central pillars of our policy, aiming to create a strong and resilient economy that will be able to cope with the challenges of tomorrow”, noted the deputy minister.