“Today’s revelations prove that the crime of Tempe is an ongoing crime,” says the president of PASOK – KINAL, Nikos Androulakis, in a statement.
The president of PASOK – KINAL, underlined that “it is infuriating that, at a time when 57 people lost their lives in an unjust and tragic way, at a time when their families were grieving and millions of Greeks were thinking that theirs could be on the fatal train children, some made it a point to take down conversations of the station master in question, copy them and channel them to friendly media to reinforce the narrative of human error. And all this before the Police and Justice received them”.
“Against us we have a ruthless pack of power, which violates human rights and undermines the rule of law. That is why there is only one way: the motion of no confidence,” added Mr. Androulakis, emphasizing: “I take the institutional initiative and call on all the parties of the democratic spectrum to rise to the occasion.”