By Antonis Anzoletou

THE pre-election season started with the conclusion of the three-day debate in the Parliament. The scene is particularly polarized and the conflict will resemble national elections. This was shown by the 40 hours of the Plenary meeting from the motion of no confidence tabled by the “front” of the opposition parties.

THE Nikos Androulakis he feels vindicated by the fact that he achieved the resignation of the two close associates of the prime minister. However, apart from the dynamic positions and the high tones, it might have been another missed opportunity for the political system, as neither answers were given nor proposals were heard from the opposition parties for the future of the railways in the country. And if there were, they were lost in the high decibels of the political leaders’ confrontation.

Discussions such as the motion of no confidence, always rest on the profile of the political leaders. Polls in the next few days will do the “cash” and show winners and losers.

And it will be the most critical almost 70 days before the polls open. Tempi concerns society and certainly those in the majority who thought that the case was closed a year ago were wrong. Immediately after the debate, each party took its turn showing the strategy it will follow. New Democracy has no reason to persist in this case, however it will respond to the shots of the opposition. The prime minister showed by the mutilation of his close associates that he will not accept any more “falsas”.

The increase in the minimum wage, although planned, was the response of Kyriakos Mitsotakis who turns the discussion to the economy. Not that it will be something simple in the market that will not cause a new wave of criticism from the opposition. At Maximos they believe that it is possible with the interventions that have been made to have a better footprint by Easter and to respond to the “war of attrition” they are facing. Today the prime minister is intensifying his outings to catch the pulse of the world. He will be in Moschato and will follow on Tuesday with a visit to Kalavryta. At the crown is the holding of the party conference next weekend which will act as a rallying point.

SYRIZA does not want the debate to leave Tempi, however, yesterday – albeit belatedly – ​​he presented the first 153 names that will participate in the preliminary ballots that will be set up for the European elections. Stefanos Kasselakis has completed his military duties and from tomorrow he will start a barrage of appearances with interviews and tours. During the week he will be in Crete for five days. The truth is that the motion of no confidence, as well as any parliamentary procedure, does not help him stay in the spotlight as he wishes. It is one way to focus more on society, but also on social media, which he handles very well.

To the Political Council and the PASOK parliamentary group that met yesterday Nikos Androulakis gave an “injection” of morale to his executives by sending them the message that it was revealed in the Parliament who can win the New Democracy. He remains focused on the goal of second place with a high percentage and it is clear that he will also insist on the case of Tempe with his presence at the Areopagus on Monday for the criminal ramifications of the accident that must be investigated. Next Sunday, the Central Committee will meet where most of the candidates for the European ballot will be presented.

There is also optimism in the New Left where the first nominations for the European elections have already been locked and will be announced in the next few hours. The transitional Pan-Hellenic Coordinating Committee that was set up at the conference is meeting for the first time at the weekend. The party officials consider the 3% goal absolutely feasible and are looking for something more. The same climate prevails in Pleussi Eleftherias with Zoe Konstantopoulou leaving her mark on the three-day debate that preceded it in the Parliament.