The political confrontation is developing in high tones two months before the holding of the European elections. Both o Kyriakos Mitsotakisas well as the president of the official opposition party, give the character of national elections to the battle for the European Parliament, with the prime minister asking for a high percentage of participation from the people, once again raising the issue of political stability and the continuation of government work and the Stefanos Kasselakis to raise the issue of parallel elections, stating that a lot has changed compared to the previous year.

The prime minister has put stability at stake on June 9, while today he visited Tilos and Rhodes. In Tilos, he focused on the Circular Innovation Center. “We are very interested in this project being able to be replicated on other islands of this size, proving in practice that 100% recycling is a goal that is absolutely possible,” the Prime Minister emphasized from Tilos.

The goal is the big upheaval. The goal is for everyone to understand that by the next national elections the ND will fall and there will be a new SYRIZA government from the renewed SYRIZA. We are going to win. We are not going to take a second place by a margin, etc. I really believe that all scenarios are possible”, said the president of SYRIZA for his part.

The dialogue with the mother in Gavdos

A fierce confrontation was sparked by the meeting of the president of SYRIZA with the mother of high school students living in Gavdos. Stefanos Kasselakis accused Kyriakos Mitsotakis of inconsistency in his one year ago promise for remote education.

The dialogue that the president of SYRIZA had with the mother from Gathdos is typical:

Kasselakis: So now they don’t even have distance learning?

Efi Georgaka: They have nothing from the state, the Ministry of Education. However, the children do distance learning privately. The Ministry replied that it is not possible to open a school.

Kasselakis: In other words, the choice to desert the island should be conscious.

The answer came from the Minister of Education, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, who accused Stefanos Kasselakis of pre-election populism on social media, clarifying that the solution chosen for the two high school students was transitional.

“In communication with the family, which took place immediately after (the prime minister’s) visit, the solution was given for the students to proceed with private teaching under the supervision of the Paleochora Gymnasium of Crete, where they are taking exams,” the Minister of Education emphasized .

To the president of ADAE, Nikos Androulakis

Nikos Androulakis met with the president of ADAE Christos Rammos after the decision of the Council of Ministers which deemed unconstitutional the law of 2021 for a universal ban on informing the person being monitored.

“He is waiting for the decision to be finalized, to be served and he will immediately do the legal and prescribed things to get the information I need. I, in turn, will inform the Greek people as I have promised. By opening the way to the truth in this morbid case, I also open Pandora’s box for Mr. Mitsotakis,” said the president of PASOK.

Makis Voridis “replied” to Mr. Androulakis, saying: “You are celebrating the rejection of an order which the government itself has changed. What are you celebrating? The provision that was rejected is a law of 2021. By the way, the provision of ’21 was voted by PASOK”.