Intense traffic for the visit of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to Turkey.

Mr. Mitsotakis, according to Manolis Kostidis, will arrive in Turkey on the evening of May 11, visit Cappadocia on May 12, and on the 13th will have an official meeting with Turkish President Erdogan in Ankara.

The program will “lock” in a few days.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit Joe Biden at the White House on May 9.

The Greek islands at the center of the Turkish television networks

The fast visa arouses the interest of Turkish citizens. The tourist “descent” has begun.

Journalist: “We came to Samos with the ‘visa at the gate’.” But for those who are planning something like this, we must say that you will have to wait a long time. Because first they accept those who have the gray and normal passports with those who have the Schengen visa. Then the reception begins for those who want the ‘Visa at the gate’ and the procedures take a long time. Because the fingerprinting process takes a long time.

HABERTURK TV NETWORK: “In the neighboring country the implementation of the ‘visa at the gate’ system has started. Greece has launched the ‘Visa at the Gate’ system for 5 Greek islands. There was already information before Bayram that 20,000 reservations had been made for the islands. Those who want to travel to the islands can do so via Izmir. Our correspondent in Izmir who traveled to Samos will tell us about how the system works, how much the trip costs and what prevails on the islands.

We are on the opposite coast of the Aegean in Samos. And the arrival of the Turks in Samos has already begun, arriving on the island with a visa that lasts for 7 days”.

Erdogan talks about the “geography of faith”

He talks about “colonialists causing wars and massacres in the countries of the Islamic world”

ERDOGAN: “The countries with the greatest income inequality are in our own geography of our faith. The world imperialist powers are playing games on the Muslim world and they have a significant share in the difficulties we are experiencing. The value of gold, oil, mineral metals, underground and terrestrial wealth is not benefited by their real owners, but by the former colonialists. When we look at many regions, from Africa to Asia, we can easily see how this system of exploitation works. War and conflict are among their tools. Behind the conflicts, the tensions and the massacres that are shedding blood in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Palestine and many other regions of the Islamic world, are the plans to continue this colonial system”.