“The persistence of the president of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, Stefanou Kasselakisanother prime ministerial “certainty” was revealed”, the official opposition underlines in a statement.

“The categorical and prolonged denial by the Prime Minister, Mr. Mitsotakis, of the transfer of flammable materials, such as xylene, from the fatal commercial train of Tempe, today became a spectacular admission that ‘we cannot rule it out'”, he notes, commenting that “the intervention of its president had to be preceded SYRIZA – Progressive AllianceStefanou Kasselakis, who persistently and without hesitation asked the prime minister the crucial question, initially in his article in KATHIMERINI and then again and again until yesterday, in the presentation of the party’s candidates in the primary elections for the preparation of the European elections ballot , in Peristeri”.

Specifically, the said announcement refers to the following excerpt from yesterday’s speech by St. Kasselakis: “And since he was so sure on March 22 last year that the material in the commercial train was not flammable – he said it verbatim that there is nothing insidious – I ask him: can he still say this today, a little over a year later, with confidence; To tell us that what he said last March 22 is valid. After all, there was nothing suspicious about the merchant train? You said it to the Greek people before the elections last year, say it again. I challenge you!

“Ultimately the pressure of her leader opposition officer it paid off: as the prime minister was caught lying for the umpteenth time, his categorical assurance turned into something that could not be ruled out. It’s not the first time, it doesn’t look like it will be the last. How many more lies will be told, about how many things, for how long?” concludes the SYRIZA announcement.