With the votes of the ND, the bill of the Ministry of Health was voted in principle on Friday for the strengthening of the NHS.

The opposition parties voted against.

Earlier, the Minister of Health Adonis Georgiadis said from the floor of the Parliament:

“I invite you to support this bill with pride, because it is a big step that we will complete with the amendment that we will bring next week, a step that will give a new environment, that will make the service in the NHS more attractive, that solves many from chronic problems.

The government is coming to apply common sense rules in the 21st century” and noted that these reforms will lead to people who want to have a higher income being able to secure it in a legal way. The data we have shows that the system is progressing since appointments for afternoon surgeries will exceed a thousand. This means that every day more and more doctors and nurses declare to the hospitals their willingness to participate in the evening surgeries and more and more of our fellow citizens declare their willingness to operate in the evening surgeries.

Regarding the late Margaret Thatcher, I want to make it clear that she was one of the greatest European politicians of the 20th century. She is the woman who got the UK out of the IMF and enjoyed 30 years of great prosperity. I consider it a great honor to be compared to her, and I thank Mr. Polakis for that.”

Deputy Minister of Health Irini Agapidakis expressed her disappointment with the attitude of the opposition parties, who in the debate “did not say that at least the articles concerning cancer prevention programs, health promotion for children, a series of positive actions which are particularly relevant to people suffering from health inequalities, will say a yes.’

The president of Freedom of Movement, Zoe Konstantopoulou, referred to the arrangement for the provision of work by private doctors in public hospitals, which was withdrawn to be resubmitted. “You were forced to withdraw a bogus legislative improvement that was really an amendment. It was impressive that instead of saying that you were wrong, you blamed those who pointed out to you that you are violating the Constitution and the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament”, said Mrs Konstantopoulou, addressing the Minister of Health and added: “public health is not your game to play you make such improvisations, knee-jerk adjustments, without any concern for the citizens, for the patients, for the doctors, for the nursing staff”.