“Between 2019-2023, Greece ranked 21st in the European Union, in terms of real growth. We are last in terms of private investments, as part of the GDP”, said the president of SYRIZA-AP among other things Stefanos Kasselakisduring the discussion he had with Financial Times journalist Tony Barber, in the context of the 9th Delphi Economic Forum.

Mr. Kasselakis emphasized that “we are second from the end in terms of purchasing power, just above Bulgaria. And we are second from the top in terms of the highest indirect taxes, just below Sweden.”

“We pay like Sweden, we buy like Bulgaria and there is little private investment,” the president of SYRIZA-PS emphasized.

“3/4 of young people still live in their childhood bedroom. We urgently need to invest in housing and decentralization of the country outside the capital.
We have the worst record in Europe for the pace of legal resolution for commercial cases,” he added.

Let me remind you that Mr. Mitsotakis has been prime minister for 5 years. This says something, it means when you don’t reform the judicial system, while at the same time you present yourself as an advocate of entrepreneurship”, noted Mr. Kasselakis, posting the relevant excerpt of the discussion on social media.