The Mayor of Athens, Harry Doukas and the Regional Governor of Attica, Nikos Hardaliasmet today Monday, and agreed to give 101 million euros from the Region of Attica to the Municipality of Athens, within the framework of the Integrated Spatial Investment (OCI) under the title “Athens 2030”, which is part of the “Attica” Program 2021 – 2027.

The aim is to implement within the next few years, more than 40 major projects and actions that will change the image of the capital, with an emphasis on promoting social cohesion, supporting the most vulnerable groups and strengthening the resilience of the city.

Specifically, the actions include:

  • Targeted health services to vulnerable and susceptible groups in the city center and neighborhoods.
  • Restoration of sidewalks and pavements in the Shopping Center and regeneration of Ermou from Syntagma Square to Aiolou.
  • Installation of electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Creation of a network of cycle paths and “green” routes.
  • Energy upgrade of buildings of the Municipality of Athens.
  • Upgrading the infrastructure of the National Garden.
  • Highlighting the archaeological site at Plato’s Academy.

The Mayor of Athens, Haris Doukas, noted: “These programs are very critical and useful for us. Athens is looking for as many such actions and initiatives as possible. Our commitment is to advance the projects as quickly as possible, so that they can be delivered to the citizens of Athens – especially those who are most in need. We are sure that we will have a very good cooperation, so that we can immediately solve any bureaucratic obstacle. We want the undivided support of the Region – we know we have it – we are allies and very good partners”.

The Regional Governor of Attica, Nikos Hardalias, he said: “Our anxiety is shared and what we want is for our capital – every neighborhood of Athens – to do as well as possible. We are determined to improve the appearance of the capital. The more than 40 projects that will be implemented in the coming years are not only about upgrading the infrastructure of Athens, but also about strengthening competitiveness, promoting our cultural heritage and social cohesion. Our goal is to create a city that offers opportunities for all, promoting economic growth, sustainability and quality of life.”

During the meeting, it was decided the establishment of a joint working group, with the aim of coordinating a series of issues, as well as undertaking joint actions and initiatives between the Region of Attica and the Municipality of Athens.