The 9th Our Ocean Conference, which took place yesterday and today in our country at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, was concluded tonight.

As noted by the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for the Oceans, Coordinator of “Our Oceans Conference 2024”, Member of Parliament for Ilia, N.D. and chairman of the Environment Committee of the Parliament, Dr. Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou, more than 119 countries participated and contributed with 469 new commitments amounting to more than 11.3 billion dollars. In total, 2600 commitments, worth approximately 140 billion dollars, have been made since the 1st “Our Ocean Conference” until today, as Ms. Augerinopoulou pointed out.

“We have proven that together we can definitely unlock the prospect that the oceans hide in order to ensure a sustainable and resilient future for all”, pointed out Ms. Avgerinopoulou.

The cooperation is the message sent by the 9th Conference for the Oceans (Our Ocean Conference), as stated by the Minister of Environment and Energy Theodoros Skylakakis, stressing that the Oceans are the “greatest public of all on Earth”. “The conference was a success. And this is not a compliment for us but for all the participants, mainly because of the spirit created in Athens. I think we can pass this spirit on to the next organizer, South Korea,” he pointed out.

“I would like to finish by reminding us that the future does not belong to us but to our children, our grandchildren and the next generations and for them we must succeed”, concluded Mr. Skylakakis.

The Vice Minister of Oceans and Fisheries of the Republic of Korea, Myeong-dal Song, spoke about the 10th Ocean Conference to be held in South Korea. As he pointed out, they recognize the importance of international cooperation as well as the need to face global changes together. “More and more countries are recognizing the importance of the oceans. We understand that it is important to take action”, he noted and underlined that the slogan of the 10th “Our Ocean Conference” is “our ocean, our action”