“Unfortunately, my father does not have the freedom to say what he wants and to pass the message he wants and to convey the reasons why the Prime Minister himself and the ND chose my father as a candidate for the European Parliament,” he told the SKAI and in the show “Dekatians” with Yiannis Pittaras Freddy Belleri’s sonPeter.

Asked how important his father’s candidacy is for Albanian expatriates, Petros Beleris replied: “It’s oxygen and just movement. It is a historic nomination. There has never been a Northerner in the European Parliament before. It will be a voice that will defend and highlight various issues, such as the rule of law, the non-respect of the presumption of innocence, the non-respect of the right to vote and be elected, the non-respect of minorities. Some spotlights will be thrown on these issues.”

Regarding the reactions that have occurred in Albania, Mr. Beleris emphasized that “in the last 11 months we have received many threats, we have almost been cannibalized in the Albanian media. These are fueled by extreme nationalist circles.”

“After the announcement of his candidacy, he has recovered psychologically, he was patient and did not give in to our fair request. It is a moment of vindication. It is important that he comes out of prison victorious and not politically crippled, as the Albanians want. And that is why we are grateful to the Greek Prime Minister, for the opportunity he is giving us”, concluded Mr. Beleris.