“The European elections on June 9 are an excellent opportunity to disapprove of the government’s political behavior that despises self-government, elected mayors, municipal councils, and, ultimately, civil society,” the PASOK-Movement president pointed out change, Nikos Androulakis, during the meeting with the mayor of Kalamaria, Chrysa Arapoglou, with which they discussed the utilization of the sea front of Thessaloniki.

“Mr. Mitsotakis must stop making decisions behind closed doors, exclusively with the priority of pampering powerful financial interests. There is the money from the Recovery Fund, there are already many European resources, let them be used as a priority to improve the lives of citizens”, said Mr. Androulakis and regarding the coastal front he underlined:

“For us, it is a priority to properly develop the 40-kilometer beachfront of Thessaloniki, in order to improve the lives of citizens and to give the entire urban complex of Thessaloniki a strong comparative advantage, in relation to other large European cities.

In order to achieve this, we need and propose a single institution, a single organization for the planning, implementation and management of the project.

Unfortunately, however, the New Democracy government despises self-government and civil society.

They cannot plan behind closed doors projects that concern millions of Greek citizens, with the priority being how to have good relations with powerful interests”.

For the mayor of Kalamaria, Chrysa Arapoglou, he said that she has a lot of experience and the stamina to achieve the best possible for the citizens of Kalamaria. And together with the rest of the municipalities, which are involved in the coastal front, to succeed in the coming decades to rapidly improve the lives of all the residents of Thessaloniki.

For her part, Mrs. Arapoglou emphasized that since the European elections are coming, we must open a discussion about what city planning means in Europe.

“At least let’s keep the European acquis for the sustainability of cities,” he said and continued: “In Kalamaria with its excellent 6.5 kilometer seafront which is in a very bad state, because some people want to keep it all until the optimum is found real estate solution, to which we are, of course, against, we will continue to fight with all our strength for the self-evident, that is, for a free beach front, with environmental and cycling routes, with cultural and nautical activities, as is done in all the beautiful cities of the world and Europe, since we are in the European elections”.

At the same time, he emphasized that PASOK is close to these efforts of the Municipality.

After the meeting, Mr. Androulakis toured the pedestrian street of Kalamaria, talked to shopkeepers and citizens and took pictures with them.

The president of PASOK-Movement of Change was accompanied by the MEP candidates Thodoris Zagorakis, Kostas Chrysogonos, Ilias Kikilias, Nikos Xylouris, Konstantina Adamou, Stefania Tanimanidou, Myrto Samaras, Christina Aliris and Katerina Plesia-Efstathopoulou, the press representative asis Glavinas and executives of the party.

After the short tour, Mr. Androulakis sat in a cafe in Kalamaria with the candidates of his party.