SYRIZA president Stefanos Kasselakis met yesterday with the father of the 10-year-old child who, according to his complaint, was sexually harassed by an antiquities guard in Nisyros.

It is recalled that the case has opened “Aeolos’s apprenticeship” in the small community of Nisyros as after the complaint many mouths “opened” and it was found that other children had also fallen victim to the antiquities guard according to complaints.

In addition, the father is at risk of deportation.

“It is recalled that the foreign parent went to Kos in order to report the sexual harassment of his 10-year-old child by a resident of Nisyros, and because he did not have legal documents, he was arrested and risked being deported, although he has been working in Greece for seven years. Returning to Nisyros, he was arrested, which provoked the reaction of the island’s inhabitants. Masses issued a resolution of support gathering over 170 signatures while gathering outside the Police Station demanding his release.”
Today in Nisyro I sought and met Saimir. A bio-wrestler father who works from wild dawn to late night to support his family, his wife, his two children.
Saimir, his son, stepped up and reported what appeared to be a continuing crime.
We must stand by them. The society of Nisyros proved it in practice.
The state must also provide psychological support to the complainants, but also protect them legally.
In the first part, volunteer psychologists / psychotherapists of SYRIZA will already help. The second is a government decision.
We, as the official opposition, stand by the right. Strongly.

Watch the video posted by St. Kasselakis with the father’s meeting and what he conveyed to him.