“The attempt to create impressions reaches the point of denial and simple logic”, replies the Deputy Minister of Health Dimitris Vartzopoulosfollowing the backlash caused by his statement that “it is the nature of the male to be the aggressor, therefore the concept of femicide really has a biological basis”.

“What I said and mean is self-evident, that there are different biological characteristics of the sexes, that the male usually has greater physical strength, so he is more dangerous in his aggression than the female. Therefore, there should be special provisions and special mechanisms to limit the possibility, of course for many social and other reasons, of aggression and violence against women. “So the concept of femicide is absolutely correct and should be dealt with completely and effectively,” states Mr. Vartzopoulos.

The deputy minister speaks of arbitrary and provocative interpretations.

“I mean, I said and I support exactly the opposite of arbitrary and provocative interpretations.

And lest we forget:

When in the past has there been such an organized effort to protect women from violence against them?

New ELAS reception structures

Punic baton

sos telephone line

Hosting and support structures

The Mitsotakis Government shows in practice what it believes”, he concludes.

The reactions of the opposition

SYRIZA: To be removed immediately

SYRIZA-PS calls for the removal of Deputy Minister of Health Dimitris Vartzopoulos from the government.

Specifically, Koumoundourou reports: “The chilling and vulgar position of the Deputy Minister of Health, a psychiatrist by profession, Dimitris Vartzopoulos, on feminicides, exceeds the limits of tolerance. Kyriakos Mitsotakis must proceed with his immediate removal from the government and his deletion from the New Democracy Parliamentary Group”.

Kasselakis: No 41% gives you the right to keep him in his place

In the statements of Dimitris Vartzopoulos, the president of SYRIZA-PS, Stefanos Kasselakis, is mentioned in a post on social media, at the same time directing his fire against the prime minister.

Specifically, he says: “So far, Mr. Mitsotakis. You have covered a pro-Nazi candidate, a Hun candidate, a homophobic MP. Now, so far. No “41%” gives you the right to keep a man who gives biological alibi for the femicides and belittles the nature of women. D. because he thinks that ‘women are for other jobs, to tick’, as his undersecretary believes – and of course not Freud”.

PASOK – Glavinas: His statements are anachronistic and extremely dangerous

PASOK representative Thanasis Glavinas called the statements of the Deputy Minister of Health “anachronistic and extremely dangerous”.

“The positions of the Deputy Minister of Health Mr. Vartzopoulos “that femicide has a biological basis” and that the aggressive behavior of men has biological characteristics, not only lack a scientific basis, but are anachronistic and extremely dangerous, since they justify such heinous actions and arm the hand of potential future femicides. Just a few days after Sunday’s murder at St. Anargyrou, we call on New Democracy to immediately disapprove the views of its Deputy Minister”, he pointed out.

New Left – Haritsis: To be dismissed here and now

The president of the New Left Parliamentary Group, Alexis Haritsis, refers to Vartzopoulos’ statements in a post on social media. Specifically, he says: “‘I heard a little while ago the outrageous, unimaginable statements of the Deputy Minister of Health, Dimitris Vartzopoulos. And I remembered the funny statements of Mr. Mitsotakis that he is a ‘fighter of the far right’. Vartzopoulos’ statements come from the darkest days of racist eugenics and the darkest, totalitarian times of our political history. Mr. Mitsotakis must dismiss him here and now and apologize for his choice. It is the least he can do.”