By Antonis Anzoletou

The European elections are not the only political development that will affect the balances in the current four-year period. Parliamentary forces await the Electoral Court which will decide the future Spartans and to what extent its current composition and anthropogeography will change Parliament. Everything shows that the decision for his “showcase” party is not easy Ilias Kasidiaris which has already not been allowed to participate in the European elections. Opinions differ and everything seems to make sense. The prevailing scenario from the beginning was the proportional redistribution of the 12 seats. A’ Athens, Southern Sector of Athens, Northern Sector of Athens, Western Sector of Athens, Eastern Attica, B’ Piraeus, Achaia, Heraklion, A’ Thessaloniki, B’ Thessaloniki, Aitoloakarnania and Larissa are the regions that will appear from a gap. It is recalled that the Spartans are now left with seven MPs, as five have become independent.

According to the scenarios already analyzed by experienced pollsters, if this solution is qualified, it is most likely the New Democracy to increase its seats by five or six. Three seats would be won by SYRIZAone or two the PASOKone the KKEone n Freedom Sailing and none or possibly one Victory. But can there be a Parliament that will be the product of two different interpretations of the popular will? So one in 2023 and one in 2024? The majority of jurists, however, consider that this would be the correct settlement of the issue.

The big issue for the Constitutionalists analyzing this unprecedented “electoral enigma” is not to alter the result of last year’s national elections. The other solution that has been heard as possible is to set up parliamentary polls only in the specific districts from which the deputies will fall. In this case, the risk of not respecting the electoral system is highlighted. A majoritarian electoral system for the specific seats would essentially be introduced after the fact. Apart from the fact that almost half of the electorate will have to be asked to vote again, as these are the most populous districts.

The scenario that was also supported – but it was the weakest – was to distribute the seats by district to the first cross candidates from the parties with the largest unallocated balance. If this happens, however, they will find themselves with major forces that did not pass 3% last June and were left out of Parliament, such as MeRA25.