The president of SYRIZA-PS, who has been in Corfu since yesterday afternoon for the Easter holidays, had consecutive meetings with the governor of the Ionian Islands, Yiannis Trepeklis, and the mayors of Corfu.

THE Stefanos Kasselakis he asked the governor to be informed about the problems of the Ionian Islands and harshly criticized the government regarding the issues of the Ionian University.

The president of SYRIZA emphasized during the discussion with the regional governor that the economy of the islands should be based not only on tourism but on education and culture, in order to point his arrows at the government regarding the law on private universities, as he said . “With the private universities in the future, the universities on the islands, in the Region, will be closed. In a very insidious way, the central government affects your life here as in other islands that have university institutions”, he underlined.

Mr. Kasselakis, during the discussions with the self-governing agents, underlined that the SYRIZA he will stand by the problems and support the requests for the benefit of the society.

The meeting with the mayors took place in the emblematic building of the old town hall of Corfu and the president of SYRIZA expressed his admiration for his important historical journey.

Easter in Corfu, for Stefanos Kasselakis, as president of the official opposition party, as he repeats, reminds him with emotion of his childhood when he used to come with his family to spend the Holy Days on the island.