Netanyahu is a pharaoh and has a gang of murderers, said the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as reported by Manolis Kostidis from Istanbul.

“They threw rockets and bombs at a refugee camp in Rafah. This massacre took place after the request of the International Court to stop the attacks, showed once again the bloody and treacherous face of the terrorist state. Netanyahu and his gang of murderers, as long as they cannot break the resistance of the Palestinian people, they are squeezing into his country, and now with more blood they are trying to prolong their political life.

» Like Hitler whom he tries to imitate, like Milosevic, like Karadzic like the other pharaohs of history will not be able to escape being remembered with curses. As Turkey we will do everything to hold accountable these murderers, butchers, barbarians who have no trace of humanity. God help the people of Palestine, our brothers. May God destroy and curse those who kill, civilians babies, women and children, the elderly.

On Tuesday, May 28, the National Security Council will meet in Turkey under the presidency of Erdogan.

Strategic, regional and national security issues will be covered, especially counter-terrorism operations conducted in Turkey and beyond the borders. Activities carried out in the context of border security will be discussed.

The helicopter crash that killed Iranian President Raisi and its implications for the Middle East will be covered. Measures to be taken against potential instability in the region will be discussed. It will also discuss what can be done to stop Israel’s attacks on Gaza, to call for an immediate and complete ceasefire, to provide humanitarian aid and to take action for a two-state solution. As Spain, Norway and Ireland have announced they will recognize the Palestinian state, diplomatic initiatives to increase this number will be discussed.

The normalization process with Greece will be discussed

The process of normalization with Greece will be another issue that will be put on the carpet for the members of the T/Council. During the visit of Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis to Ankara, the message was given to focus on the positive agenda and it was stated that both sides are committed to strengthening the positive atmosphere. In this context, common steps that can be taken will be discussed.

Relations with the USA

Relations with the US will also be on the agenda of the T/Council. The issues between the two countries, especially the F-16 procurement and modernization process, will be discussed in detail at the T/SEA.

Work on updating the Red Book will be put on the table

Work to update the National Security Policy Document, popularly known as the Red Book, continues. The document, which will be renewed for the 10th time, will include the concept of “artificial intelligence” for the first time. The Red Book, to be submitted for approval to the T/SEA by the end of the year, will enter into force in 2025. These preparations are also expected to be discussed at the T/SEA