The present in processes at PASOK – Movement for Change and the broader Center Leftgives Mayor of Athens Haris Doukasin an interview with Kathimerini of Kyriaki.

THE mayor of Athens although he refrains from explicitly stating that he wishes to be a candidate for the leadership of PASOK-KINAL, he underlines: “… Sunday’s election result sent a clear and resounding message: The reconstitution of the democratic faction must not be lost again in endless debates, in committees, coordinations and platforms. It cannot be sought in closed offices, in leadership movements and in mechanisms’ agreements.

According to Mr. Duke the PASOK – Movement for Change it didn’t convince voters that it might be the solution. “Since last June’s elections, he has lost 100,000 votes. It’s not just a defeat, it’s another missed opportunity. The worst thing is that we get used to defeats. With excuses and gnawing time, the space is in danger of degenerating, and the request “finally do something”, comes from everywhere”, he points out.

He also emphasizes that in course of reconstitution of the space of the Center-Left it can have a leading role, decisive and irreplaceable. “Without PASOK, the attempt to reconstitute the democratic faction cannot be launched successfully. In order for PASOK to be able to respond to its historical role, it first needs to reorganize itself. To mobilize his forces, to close the cycle of successive defeats and not to open a new cycle of introversion. To succeed, a participatory shock is needed. Our great weapon is the world. The only effective way out is to speak to the grassroots, otherwise the crisis will deepen and multiply. The starting point of our restart must be the direct, massive appeal to our world.”