Mitsotakis: ELSTAT data on development, a good line of defense against difficulties


The official data of ELSTAT for growth in 2021which amounted to 8.3%, is “a good line of defense against the difficulties we are facing now due to accuracy”, stressed the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who after the discussion he had with the employees of Syros Shipyards visited the town hall of the island , the Cyclades Chamber and the Regional Unit of Syros.

“I am coming to a difficult but at the same time interesting situation. The challenges facing the whole planet from the tragic geopolitical developments in Ukraine are well known. “But at the same time I am optimistic that we as a country and as an economy will be able to overcome these temporary upheavals”, said Mr. Mitsotakis at the Cyclades Chamber.

At the same time, he appeared optimistic about the course of tourism. “We are very optimistic – something that is of particular interest to the Cyclades – for the tourist season of 2022. I do not estimate that we will have a significant impact from the developments in Ukraine. “All the forerunners are extremely encouraging and we look forward to a very good tourist season,” he said.

The Prime Minister insisted that he follows with interest “all the entrepreneurial actions that are developed by the Chamber, in the Cyclades as a whole. The Cyclades is a very lively corner of our country in terms of entrepreneurship and I want to distinguish especially from the elements of recovery the fact that investments in our country are increasing a lot. “Investments means new jobs and of course it means better salaries and better incomes for all Greek citizens.”

Kyriakos Mitsotakis referred again to Neorio, where after the actions taken to rescue him, 600 employees are now working.

Then, in the Regional Unit of Syros, the Prime Minister was present at the signing of the agreements by the Shipyards that provide the possibility of air transport for medical purposes from Syros to hospitals in Athens for the entire population, launch the research activities of the University of the Aegean and the study of ELKETHE on the condition of the seabed of the port of Ermoupolis, so that any restoration actions are deemed necessary.

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