Dendias: European response to Turkey for Varosia – Indicate the “red lines” |


The hope that the “red lines” regarding the issue of Varos will be indicated in Turkey, was expressed today from Brussels by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, coming to the EU Council of Foreign Ministers.

In particular, the Minister of Foreign Affairs N. Dendias stated: “Today, the 38th anniversary of the proclamation of the pseudo-state in northern Cyprus, the Council will discuss the selection document, which will be presented by Joseph Borrell, in order to indicate – I hope – to Turkey “red lines” on the issue of Varos. “Turkey’s constant delinquency and its attempt to ignore the decisions of the United Nations Security Council, I hope they will find the European answer today.”

Earlier this morning, on the sidelines of the Council, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias organized a working breakfast on behalf of the presidency of the South East European Cooperation Process, which is exercised by Greece.

EU Member States, High Representative Joseph Borrell, Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varchelli, participants in the above procedure and the Secretary-General of the Regional Cooperation Council participated. The European perspective of the Western Balkans and regional co-operation were at the center of the discussions.


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