Spain backs Turkey: Athens grieves over Erdogan-Sanchez deal

Spain backs Turkey: Athens grieves over Erdogan-Sanchez deal

The Greek side reacts with protests regarding the exports of weapons systems from Spain to Turkey.

According to diplomatic sources, the Greek side has repeatedly raised the issue of exporting weapons systems of European States to Turkey.

This issue was raised by the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during the relevant discussion at the European Council in October 2020.

In this context, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias had sent a letter to his then Spanish counterpart Arancha González Laya in October 2020, reminding him of the obligation of the Member States of the European Union to respect Common Position 2008/944, which emphasizes that: ” “Member States are determined to prevent the export of military technology and equipment that could be used for internal repression or international aggression, or to contribute to regional destabilization.”

At the same time, it is recalled that the Foreign Affairs Council adopted Conclusions on October 14, 2019, where it reiterated the above Common Position, on the occasion of the Turkish military operation in Northern Syria.

This issue, as Turkey’s overall destabilizing role in the wider Mediterranean region was also raised during the Foreign Minister’s meeting with his new Spanish counterpart José Manuel Albares, during a bilateral meeting last September.

The annoyance of Athens is related to the fact that Turkey and Spain are strengthening their relationship. In order to respond to the recent Greek-French agreement, Tayyip Erdogan during his meeting with Pedro Sanchez tried to propose the strengthening of the Spanish-Turkish defense cooperation, stating that he is looking forward to the purchase of a second Spanish aircraft carrier and possibly a submarine. the Spanish Prime Minister six agreements, for cooperation in areas related to energy, until disaster relief.

“As you know, our first aircraft carrier is not a large displacement. But after that, we will build a bigger aircraft carrier and on this issue we agree with my dear friend. “With God’s help, we aim to build a bigger aircraft carrier after what we are building now,” said Tayyip Erdogan.

“With all this, dear President, we are setting our new pillars to continue building a common future.” said the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez.

This attitude of Spain provoked the reaction of Athens.

“It goes without saying that the Member States are bound by the decisions, declarations and approaches of the Council on issues relating to the Union’s relations with Turkey, the provocations and the International law. In this light, we want to note this parameter: That the socialist Prime Minister of Spain should take into account, in these discussions, the overall position of the European Council “said Giannis Oikonomou.

This pro-Turkish move provoked a strong reaction from the leader of the Spanish opposition who wrote on twitter:

“After Sanchez’s visit to Turkey, the People’s Party reiterates its defense of the territorial integrity of Greece and Cyprus as members of the European Union and its respect for human rights and the Community’s security and immigration policy for our foreign relations,” he said. Pablo Casado Blanco.

Erdogan also referred to defense cooperation with Russia, despite strong reactions from the United States.

“On the issue of co-production of S-400 spare parts, both sides, Turkey and Russia, have agreed not to comment on the details of the agreement. “We do not mention the details, it is a sensitive issue between the two countries,” said the Turkish president.

It is estimated that 600 Spanish companies export to Turkey, while the desired amount of trade cooperation between the two countries reaches 20 billion euros.


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