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Skandalidis: Leave Andreas alone – He took over a country barefoot on thorns, he brought it to the center of developments


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“Andreas took over a country barefoot on thorns and brought it to the center of developmentsStressed the parliamentary representative of PASOK-KINAL Costas Skandalidis speaking to the national delegation as part of the debate on the ratification of the Greek-American defense agreement.

Commenting on the reports of the Prime Minister and his Leader of the Official Opposition for the Founder of PASOK, Costas Skandalidis characteristically stated that “it does not make any impression on me that the person who is wandering in the room today is Andreas Papandreou. I would sincerely like you to leave Andreas alone. He took over a country barefoot on the thorns and brought it in every way to the center of European and world developments “.

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As Mr. Skandalidis pointed out, “the Prime Minister is talking about the bases. I honestly did not know that he had written a book about it and that it was the only book he had written. I understood, however, from what he said that he was simply copying the propaganda of the then Right. He forgot to say that from the then American bases, only Souda and the NATO base in Aktio remained. He also forgot to say that the then foreign policy led the country to great power within the then EEC. What can we talk about? Let’s talk about the Movement of 6 and what did it mean? For his interview with ABC after his election? We were told that the Americans handled him. They did not manipulate any Papandreou because they had an embargo on him throughout the 1980s. And when in 1993 he was allowed to go to America and went on the podium with Clinton and was told Clinton why a meeting scheduled for 15 minutes lasted an hour, Clinton replied: ‘Why Papandreou teaches world history and world divisions power and as a student I had to listen to the teacher ”.

“Who are you talking about this way? and with this arrogance? ” asked the PASOK parliamentary representative. “Let everyone handle it as they see fit. Mr. Mitsotakis, the elder, in addition to sending him to the Special Court, made two proposals for the convergence program with the European Union during that period. Both failed and the country lost three whole years from the issue of the contribution of European programs. And Andreas Papandreou, the accused, had to come again in 1993, and in June 1994 to sign the convergence program with the European Union, which was implemented after the government of Costas Simitis and Greece reached the euro, the EMU and the Helsinki Agreement “.

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Turning to the official opposition, the PASOK MP remarked “and of course SYRIZA has now discovered the real Andreas and Alexis Tsipras is projecting his greatness as a national leader, when at that time he was sent from his party in the Special Court as a common thief. It is not, however, accidental. Because Andreas becomes more relevant every year. Because the Greeks will remember him more and more. “Because when you address us, you will address yourself seriously and not under the weight of the upcoming political developments, which may also mean the overthrow of political correlations.”

“So when we say we’re coming back, we’re not saying it by accident. We say this because the root has begun to bloom again and a new generation will come to the forefront of history. And we are sure that the people will gradually give us again, with difficulty, with great effort, the power to serve this country “concluded Costas Skandalidis.

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