Kastanidis at PASOK Congress: Do not allow the transformation of our movement into a government complement of another party


O Harris Kastanidismentioned among other things in his speech at PASOK-KINAL Congress that “the reconstruction of PASOK will take place simultaneously with the reconstruction of the society “, which added” fortified, today, in its privacy to regain the character of a political society».

He noted that PASOK-KINAL will need to give a great political and educational battle to recreate the collective consciousness of a society that dreams, wants, can and participates as without this condition, there is no future.

Mr. Kastanidis pointed out how “our obligation to preserve the political autonomy of our spacedoes not simply mean our obligation not to allow the transformation of our movement in a government supplement of another party, as happened with the Right and we were in danger of electoral annihilation. The political autonomy of the democratic party is equivalent, in this case, to the political autonomy of each of us in the face of economic interests and extraterritorial centers of power, which often seek to impose political decisions.

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