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Olympiacos bent Panathinaikos in the thriller


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In a shocking derby judged in detail, Olympiacos prevailed 70-64 over Panathinaikos in SEF and remains undefeated in the A1 Women (4-0).

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The “red and whites” appeared more focused in the critical minutes and reached the pink card of the match, having as leaders Hublin (15 points, 8 rebounds), Plouf (10 points, 8 rebounds) and Vitola (14 points, 5 rebounds).

On the other, for the “greens” stood out Reed (16 points, 4 assists), Lymura (17 points) and Holmes (12 points, 9 rebounds), with Kapogianni’s team being forced into its first defeat in this year’s championship (4-1).

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The match

Olympiakos started the game better and gained a small lead (11-9 in 5 ‘). Nevertheless, Panathinaikos responded with a series of 7-0, which brought it to +5 (11-16 in 7 ‘). The “red and whites” reacted and reduced the shooting distance with the final of the first period (17-18).

The derby continued in the 2nd quarter, with the “greens” escaping somewhat (23-27 in 13 ‘), but the players of Zimbarts achieved a series of 7-0 and regained the lead (30-27 in 15’). The two teams alternated in the lead, while they ended the half tied in the score (36-36).

At the start of the 3rd period, the guests appeared more focused and with an individual score of 9-2, escaped with +6 (42-48 in 25 ‘). Panathinaikos gained “air” of 7 points (44-51 in 27 ‘), but Olympiakos came back and equalized with the final of the quarter (53-53).

Zimbartz’s team appeared much more focused in the first minutes of the 4th period and with a series of 8-0, overturned the situation to its detriment and gained a lead… victory (61-55 in 35 ‘).

The “clover” reduced in breathing distance with a series of 4-0 (61-59 in 37 ‘), however the “red and whites” kept their composure and starring Plouf, Stamolambrou escaped again (67-59). Lymoura reduced with three points (67-62 in 39 ‘), but Olympiakos found the solutions in the final and reached the final 70-64.

The quarters: 17-18, 36-36, 53-53, 70-64.

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