Greece with eight athletes in the Balkan Men’s-Women’s Table Tennis Championship


Greece will participate with four athletes and the same number of athletes in the Balkan Men’s-Women’s Table Tennis Championships to be held in Sarajevo, August 23-27. Specifically, the two National teams are made up of athletes Giorgos Stamatouros, Nikos Antoniadis, Dimitris Kordoutis, Gerasimos Hatzilygeroudis, Aliki Kioufi, Dimitra-Thomais Tsekouras, Malamatenia Papadimitriou and Ioanna Gerasimatou.

Only Stamatouros, from the aforementioned names, will be at the European Men’s and Women’s Championships in Munich earlier, and it is very important that many more athletes get the opportunity to participate in a national team this summer. Kordoutis, Hatzilygeroudis, Kioufi and Tsekouras, in fact, will participate for the first time in matches of the representative groups of the big division.

The women’s federal coach, Giorgos Karytsas, will guide his athletes, while the men’s coach will be the regional federal coach Sotiris Zikos from Patras.

The Balkan Championship in the capital of Bosnia/Herzegovina will be hosted at the “Olympic Sports Hall Ramiz Salcin”. It is being held for the 47th time and includes all events, as was done at the end of June in Bulgaria with the respective Under 15 and Under 19 Balkan Games. That is, the team, singles and doubles for men and women, as well as the mixed doubles.

The program will open with the group and the draw will be held one day before, on 22/08. During the team competition, the individual competitions will be drawn. In the team, the first phase includes groups and the second “knockout” games with classification.

The singles will also start with groups and continue with a simple “knockout” table. From start to finish the doubles will involve the “knockout” system. Each team match will be decided in favor of the team that reaches first in the three individual victories and will have up to five singles matches.

We remind you that four male and five female athletes of our National Teams are preparing this week with our federal coaches abroad ahead of the European Championships in individual events (13-21/08).

The men’s national team is in Hungary with Yannis Sgouropoulos, George Konstantinopoulos, Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos, George Stamatouros and their coach Kostas Vatsaklis.

The women’s national team is training in the Czech Republic with Katerina Toliou, Konstantina Paridis, Elisavet Terpou, Aliki Kioufi, Malamatenia Papadimitriou and their coach Giorgos Karytsa.

The four athletes and the first three of the aforementioned athletes will compete in Munich.

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