Driving education plays a leading role at the OAKA’s 20th Motor Festival


Clear messages about correct road behavior and the importance of driving safety will be sent by the 20th Motor Festival Gold Edition, which will be held the next three days, October 7 to 9 at OAKA, under the auspices of the Ministry of Sports and EPTA (European Passenger Transportation Association)!

True to the slogan “knowledge saves lives, motor sports saves lives”, the Motor Festival, alongside the impressive Shows of the professional drivers – which make it the leading and largest adrenaline motor park in Greece -, prepares great experiential actions on the theme of Road Safety.

The “Bastas” school will train visitors in the spider method, where the driver knows how to behave when his car skids or loses its course. The so-called sideslip. He will also train them in the basic things a driver should know, demonstrating ways to ensure maximum safety for himself and others.

The driving school “Zebelikos” will test the reactions of visitors in a state of “virtual” drunkenness! In addition, with the crash simulator, it will convey to them the feeling of experiencing a crash and the pressures that the body receives, while finally there will be demonstrations regarding how the airbag affects when it breaks and what are the consequences for a driver when he is not wearing a seat belt.

Finally, precisely because the motto of the Motor Festival is that motorsport saves lives, Extreme Track Days and HTCC will be at the festival to ‘pick up’ kids from the streets and get them into motorsport. Besides training and developing the drivers as athletes, one of the important benefits that this event offers is that it relieves the tension of each driver on tracks and areas governed by safety.

Motor Festival and safety go together! The largest adrenaline motor park in Greece is ready to open its gates again, offering unique motor shows from all areas of motoring and, at the same time, sending messages that save lives! The appointment has been made: From 07 to 9 October (Friday 18:00 – 23:00, Saturday 11:00 – 23:00, Sunday 11:00 – 22:00 opening hours) at the Olympic Stadium in Athens!

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