Opinion – Walter Casagrande Jr.: Democracy, truth, freedom, peace and love won in Brazil

Opinion – Walter Casagrande Jr.: Democracy, truth, freedom, peace and love won in Brazil

I started the day apprehensive and went to vote early. When I got there, everything changed.

People greeted each other, hugged me and asked to take pictures, but not because of my past as a player, not because of the comments I make about football, but because I am a fighter for democracy.

It was what people said when they approached, and it moved me a lot.

I woke up sensitive. After all, it’s been four years watching the country’s destruction with their hands tied.

A tight heart, discouragement often beat, but at the same time, a force came from within, with my head telling me: “No, you are part of the resistance. And if you managed to defeat a much more cruel enemy, who it was the drugs, it won’t be a gang loaded with hate that will overcome the love you have inside you”.

That’s what made me lift my head and have confidence.

I voted with the confidence I had to score the last goal in the 1982 final against São Paulo, in the first Corinthian Democracy title.

Now, sitting and breathing a sigh of relief, I remember that scene. And it makes me want to run and celebrate this goal we scored on the 30th.

I spent the day very confident and waiting for our turn. I knew that when that happened, we wouldn’t lose anymore.

It was very tight, but very enjoyable too.

There were several attempts to disrupt the electoral process, such as threats from businessmen to their employees, lies and fake news all the time, the work of this cowardly government.

There was terrorism by Roberto Jefferson, shooting 50 rifle shots and throwing three grenades at the Federal Police.

And, on the eve of the vote, that absurdity of violence displayed by federal deputy Carla Zambelli, who will have to pay for it.

On this voting Sunday, there were also actions by the PRF (Federal Highway Police) and the Army, which may have hampered the arrival of voters to the polling places, especially in the northeast, where Lula had a great advantage.

Even with this dirty game, Lula won.

Democracy, truth, freedom, peace and love won in Brazil.

But this nefarious government will create even greater chaos until President Lula’s inauguration, scheduled for January 1, 2023.

We will have work to rebuild the country, but it will be well worth it.

The Amazon will begin to breathe, and so will the world.

Indigenous peoples will live in the new government, and not survive hard, as has been happening in this perverse Bolsonaro government.

Lula will have to reduce the number of weapons on the streets, for our safety.

I am relieved, happy, with a huge feeling of love in my heart.

I was attacked cowardly and with a lot of prejudice for four years without stopping, not only by supporters, but also by family members of the Bolsonaro clan.

They tried to scare me. I received threats on several occasions, even in the comments of my texts, but nothing on this journey made me stop fighting for democracy.

Our fight is without violence. Our weapons will always be the truth and the polls.

Unfortunately, we are seeing a huge number of fascists spread across the country, but they will have to swallow this defeat.

They can pull their hair, because democracy won.

I am proud to have been part of a huge number of people (public or not) who have given themselves completely to these elections. And we won.

Are you angry because you lost, Jair? And?!

I end with an excerpt from the song “Serrado”, by the wonderful Djavan:

“I know, I’ll be happy again,

My people let me cry with you.”

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