Greek triumph in the international boxing tournament “Nevidlivi Heroji”

Greek triumph in the international boxing tournament “Nevidlivi Heroji”

The “NEVIDLIVI HEROJI” International Tournament, which took place in Novi Sad, Serbia, ended on Sunday, October 30, where our eight (8) National Boxing Team Athletes managed to win 6 Finals in their categories.

In detail, our Greek Athletes scored the following results:


54 kg victory for Constantinos Sarigiannidis (GRE) over Marek GAZI (SRB)

54 kg victory for Thomas Boditsopoulos (GRE) over LUKA NIKOLIC(SRB)

57 kg victory for Plea Georgios (GRE) over IVKOVIC (SRB)

70 kg defeat for Kallea Paraskevas (GRE) by LAZAR RADOSEVIC (SRB) as an injury did not let our Greek Athlete to finish his match


44 kg victory for Konstantinoudis Petros (GRE) over NEMAJA NIKOLIC (CZE)

48 kg loss for Tsepidis Achilleas (GRE) from MATOUS KOVAR (CZE), but it is worth noting that Tsepidis’ race was characterized as the best race and in the end both athletes were awarded

54 kg victory for Karaitis Angelos (GRE) over UROS COSIC (SRB)

54 kg victory for Fotiadis Kyriakos (GRE) over DORDE MARKOVIC (SRB)

Referee: Sofia Papapostolou

Federal Coaches: Pleas Nikolaos, Gavezos Giorgos, Tsepidis Vassilis

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