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Comfortable victory of AEK over Ionikos


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A leisurely afternoon passed AEK at his headquarters Ionian in and about New Philadelphia 8th round of the Handball Premier prevailed 39-29 remaining first in the standings.

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“Union” despite… its lukewarm start (0-1 in five minutes), imposed its law afterwards and broke away early closing the half at +8 (10-18). In the second half, they were not threatened at all by the home team, reaching a 13 goal difference (14-27).

Lemos and Rogulski stood out offensively scoring 7 and 6 goals respectively, while for Ionikos five goals were scored by Koukoulas, Troulos and Delichristos.

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The five minutes: 0-1, 2-5, 3-10, 6-13, 8-16, 10-18 (half time), 11-22, 14-27, 18-28, 21-31, 29-39.

Ionian NF (Yiannis Arvanitis): Kiartzidis, Koukoulas 5, S. Aivaliotis, Tausanis 3, Papadopoulos, Braudakis, Syngaris, Ag. Vassiliou 1, K. Vassiliou 1, Meletakos 2, Delichristos 5, Troulos 5, Mantzopoulos 1, Elozieua 4, Heliotis 1, Butos 1.

AEK (Alexis Albanos): Kalamatas, Arabatzis 3, Tick 3, Zivkovic, Madalinic 5, Almeida 5, Iliopoulos 4, Kotsionis, Papadionisiou, Liapis 1, Arsits, Kalomiros 1, Sokolic 1, Rogulski 6, Lemos 7, Kederis 3.

Referees: Christidis-Sklavenitis. Two minutes: 4-6. Penalty: 3/3-5/5.

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